Dog re-homing services

On several occasions here at Gray’s Kennels, we have tried re-homing different dogs but feel there is not a large enough audience for the re-homing service to fulfil its potential. To combat the issue we are pleased to have the support of a new website currently being developed – – the site works with a different concept to most other rescue sites in that the adopters complete a profile of their lifestyle and choices; the dogs shown to the adopters are filtered so the best matches appear to the viewer. Pet Match amalgamates an ever expanding list of rescue charities, so this saves the adopter time trolling through various charities’ websites, viewing catalogues of unsuitable dogs. It’s important for us here at Gray’s Kennels to match the best home to the right dog, and using a website like Pet Match will enable a much higher volume of potential adopters to view dogs matched to them.


Pet Match and Gray’s Kennels are both based near Carlisle in Cumbria but dogs will be available throughout the country through a vast selection of charities nationwide. The site is still under development and currently looking for any dog rescue charities to get involved so the site can offer a good selection of matches to adopters searching for their new dog.


Once there are enough organisations involved then there will be a postcode service whereby the adopter can only look for the appropriate dogs within a 50 mile radius of Carlisle, Cumbria for example. Even in a rural county such as Cumbria there are approximately twenty different charities to choose from not including the odd dog within the boarding kennels establishments and private homes. Alternatively people can look throughout the whole country at the vast selection of animals to choose from. We very much appreciate that every dog has a suitable owner in waiting somewhere and feel that the larger the pool of dogs people have to choose from, the better chance they have of making the best choice.

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