Is Gluten free dog food better?

Gluten free food is not necessarily the best choice for your dog. If your dog is not gluten intolerant then it is a good source of

Gluten is a protein that comes from wheat and other related grains, like rye. These grains are a source of carbohydrates often found in dog foods. Wheat gluten, in particular, is widely used to simulate meat in some wet foods, and also help prevent dry dog biscuits from breaking. Nutritionists believe it can prevent gas build-up in dogs and to reduce stool odor. Because gluten it is a protein source, it is sometimes used to increase protein for nutritional claims on packaging. The highest quality dog foods use mostly animal proteins, like meat, fish and poultry instead of gluten.

Having a gluten intolerance is a common problem for dogs. It can become apparent through daihorea, weight loss, itchy skin and general poor health. If your dog often has irregular stools or an upset stomach then I would recommend trying a gluten free diet before anything else, even can be a very easy and effective way to start the diagnosis.

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